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A Warrior Mindset

By: Scott Polderman

Warriors mind

So what is the warrior’s mind and how does it work?

Our mind has the unique ability to take us anywhere we want to go. On the other hand, it also has the ability to take us places we don’t want to be. Everything starts in the mind, if you want to be successful you must first decide to, if you don’t do that, nothing else really matters. The first step is to train your mind as you do your body, on a regular, and consistent basis. The Warrior’s Mind is one that continually strives for improvement, reaches for goals, and doesn’t give up. Another aspect of the Warrior’s Mind is the ability to block things out and have complete, razor sharp focus. This is where the mental aspects of martial arts training really start to come through. Every time you see yourself improving in your training you gain a little more confidence and a this makes you want to improve even more. Over time you start to develop a habit of setting small goals, reaching those goals, and striving for more. Once you decide that you want to reach a goal and dedicate yourself to reaching it, amazing results start to follow.

So how do you develop the Warrior’s Mind?

The answer is simple…training! It takes about 21 days to develop an activity into a habit. Now remember, your mind doesn’t care whether a habit is good or bad, it’s still 21 days. If you have been sitting on the couch avoiding exercise for an extended period of time, you have now turned this into a habit. The good news; you can replace the couch habit and start a new one over the next 21 days. Make up your mind right now, that you are going to start your martial arts training for just 10 minutes per day. Every journey starts with the first step and yours starts now.

It’s important that you begin with small steps as you develop your mind and body. One of the biggest mistakes people make is trying to go all out from day one. Habits take time and small steps are one of the best ways to start a habit, stick with it, and avoid burnout or injuries. Now that you have made up your mind and have begun to develop the Warrior’s Mind it’s time to move to the next step.

The next step is to develop your focus and concentration with practice and dedication. Each time you start your training session it is vital that you concentrate on each of your movements and your breathing. Experience each movement and breath as you execute techniques properly. As you do this you will begin to develop a heightened awareness of your body and mind. By following instructions and practicing the martial arts techniques you will gain more and more confidence while your movements become more fluid.

The mental aspect of the Warrior’s Mind which includes always striving to do better and never accepting defeat can be practiced today! The results from this mind set can be seen quickly once you decide to try it. A great example is the push up, every week try to do one more that you did the week before. If your having trouble figuring something out, take a deep breath and try harder for the next ten minutes. These are examples of how you can put this aspect of the Warrior’s Mind into action immediately.

The last piece in the development of the Warrior’s Mind includes movement without thought and the ability to focus instantly. This process can take years of practice to attain depending on your level of dedication and time spent practicing. Through martial arts training you can develop solid self defense techniques that work. Only through proper application and repetition, will these techniques become second nature and be able to be performed without thought. If your ready to start your training and begin to develop the Warrior’s Mind, please visit my martial arts training academy listed below and take advantage of my free video mini-course. I look forward to training with you soon.

About the Author: Scott Polderman is a Master Instructor with over 25 years of martial arts experience. He has competed around the country and has been the Michigan State Heavyweight Champion 5 times. Scott trains students around the world through his Online Martial Arts training academy

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