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7 Easy Detox Tips

If you want to detox your body, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on specialists to tell you what you already know. Instead, try following these simple tips.

7 Easy Detox Tips

  1. First of all, stop all smoking and drinking. In order to detox your body, you should start by stopping all the substances that are poisoning it, and alcohol and tobacco are the main causes your body is full of toxins in the first place.
  2. I know it’s difficult, but if you are serious about your health, then you will have to quit. You can still drink alcohol from time to time (no more than once a week and in very moderate quantities), and you should have no problem reducing your intake. However, if you’re unable to stop drinking alcohol or reducing your intake, then you should get professional help. If you have a drinking problem, you can detox your body later and you should concentrate on that problem instead.
  3. While you can still drink alcohol sparingly, you can’t continue smoking. Smoking not only fills your body with nicotine, but with a couple dozen other toxins as well. You just can’t detox your body and smoke. No ifs, no buts, not “just a little,” not “once in a while.”
  4. Another way to detox your body is doing exercise. This also requires a lot of willpower and dedication, but it has many advantages. First of all, sweating is your body’s best way of eliminating toxins. Your circulatory system will work better and so will your respiratory system. It will also let you vent off all the stress that results from work, traffic, and other frustrating situations, so you’ll actually feel better and satisfied after exercise. If you’re constant, you will notice that you either lose weight or slowly transform that fat into muscle.
  5. Drinking water is also necessary to detox your body. This will keep your body hydrated and cleaner. And you will evacuate toxins faster. Ideally you should drink 2 liters or half a gallon per day. Oh, and coffee doesn’t count. In fact, you should consider reducing your coffee intake if you plan to detox your body, at least for a little while.
  6. Finally, you should consider modifying your eating habits. To detox your body, you should stop eating all the things you know aren’t good for you. Chips, candy, chocolate, cake, etc. You know them, I don’t have to remind you which ones.

So, there you are. Some basic tips to detox your body. No pills, no prescriptions, no doctor bills. It sounds difficult, but it’s better to do it now that you’re healthy, than waiting for an illness to give you the willpower you need.

Number 7 Try a Herbal Detox

Herbal Detox

A lot of people have stopped smoking and drinking alcohol in an effort to reduce the level of toxins in their bodies. While this helps greatly (especially not smoking) that doesn’t mean that their bodies are clear of toxins.

First of all, if you live in a big city, then you are breathing air that has smoke particles that come from the exhaust of cars and industries.

Second, most of the water that we drink comes from treated sources, and sometimes there are still pollution particles in it.

Third, the foods we eat in cities aren’t as fresh as the ones in the countryside. And a lot of times, chemicals are added to them, like colorants and preservatives.

Fourth, when we stress, we add our own toxins to the mix. These are meant to stimulate our bodies for action, but since the action never happens, then we just secret them and keep them.

Because of this a lot of people have decided to go under detox programs or diets from once in a while to help them get rid of toxins in their bodies.

Among these, herbal detox treatments are recently coming to fashion. They complement regular detox treatments of diets by adding organic teas or pills that will help clean our bodies. Because there are several organs involved in the detoxification process of our body, it’s important when taking a herbal detox treatment to ask what it is exactly what it does.

The most important (albeit not the only one) organ in the body’s natural detoxification process is the liver. Its primary function is to break down toxic elements into simpler ones that can be eliminated from the body. An herbal detox treatment for the liver should aim at easing its workload.  Common herbal detox ingredients include dandelion, liverwort, horsetail, parsley, birch leaves, black cohosh, gentian, goldenrod, chamomile, angelica, and of course, milk thistle.

The kidneys are also important organs for getting rid of toxins. They filter toxins and waste that has been processed by the liver and eliminate it from our systems through urine. Again, there are herbal detox treatments that are aimed at improving their performance. Common herbal detox ingredients for the kidneys are juniper berries, cedar berries, and uva ursi. Dandelion and parsley help both the kidneys and the liver.

Finally, the lungs also contribute to the elimination of carbon dioxide through respiration, and they must be included in any herbal detox treatment. Common herbal detox ingredients for the lungs are slippery elm, senega, and mullein.

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