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6 home-remedies for nail fungus

If you have thick, brittle, discolored toenails, it is probable that you might have nail fungus. This condition, also known as onychomycosis, is a condition that starts of as a tiny white or yellow discoloration under the nail. This is due to the infection caused by the fungus which has managed to gain entry past the one-effective barrier provided by your nails. Because the fungus has now taken up residence under the nails, it makes it all the more difficult to treat.

The discoloration grows larger and larger until the whole of the nail turns yellow, and the nail becomes brittle, which makes it prone to breakage. In severe cases the nail eventually separates from the nail bed, a painful and unsightly condition that leaves the sufferer unable to do simple activities like walking or running. Some people suffer a great deal of embarrassment because the infection also produces a foul odour.

nail fungus remedies

But like any problem, there is always a solution, and that solution may not be that expensive or hard to find. In the case of nail fungus, there are a wide variety of medications that your doctor can recommend that are very effective in treating you of your nail fungus. However, there are also other remedies that others swear that will cure your of your fungus, and all these you will most likely see in your kitchen or medicine cabinet.

Before trying out the medications recommended by the doctor, why not give a few of these home-remedies for nail fungus a try:

1. Antiperspirant

The fungus thrives well in moist and dark environments, so to keep your feet from sweating too much, apply unscented antiperspirant on it, especially if you wear closed-shoes for most of the day. This will keep your feet sweat-free, thus controlling the growth of your fungus.

2. Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil has powerful antiseptic and antifungal properties. Just rub a few drops of the oil on your toes and you’re ready to go. You can do this a couple of times throughout the day.

3. Tea tree oil and lavender oil

You can put a few drops of tea tree oil and an equal amount of lavender oil on a cotton ball and apply it on your toenails. The tea tree oil will help fight the fungal infection while lavender oil will prevent irritation.

4. Listerine mouthwash

You can soak your feet in a basin of Listerine mouthwash . Listerine is a very good antiseptic, which is effective in fighting the infection. Some would recommend using a vinegar and Listerine tandem,, because you will see results faster this way.

5. Vicks Vapour Rub

Vicks Vapor Rub is a product that is commonly known to fight colds and to help an individual to breathe easier. While there are no medical studies or findings to support theories, some nail fungus sufferers have reported success in using Vicks Vapor Rub for nail fungus. This medication is available at any supermarket or most retail stores and is fairly inexpensive. There is no prescription required; however it is recommended that an individual speak with his/her doctor prior to using Vicks Vapor Rub for nail fungus.

Individuals who have used Vicks Vapor Rub for nail fungus have reported applying it directly to the affected toenail area. Because this product is rumored to discolor the nail area, it is not typically used on fingernails. As with most medicines, it is important to keep this product away from the eyes and is for external use only. This is another reason that it is not commonly applied to the hands because, throughout the day, we eat with our hands, rub our eyes, etc. It is not clear how using Vicks Vapor Rub for nail fungus actually aids in removing the fungus, but some have reported success.

After applying Vicks Vapor Rub on the toenail, it may be a good idea to wear socks to bed in order to keep the medicine from rubbing off on the sheets. It is also a good idea to wear cotton socks because of the fabric’s breathable nature and this will prevent the medication from rubbing off onto other surfaces during the day. It is important to note the frequently changing socks will help to prevent the toenail fungus from worsening.

While there have been individual reports of success with using Vicks Vapor Rub, it is not clear how accurate these findings are.


You actually have a lot of choices of home remedies for nail fungus that you can choose from, and all these you can easily find at home, in your kitchen or medicine cabinet. Just keep in mind that these may work for you (because they have worked for so many others), but different home remedies may work differently for various kinds of toenail infections, and home remedies usually take a few months for you to see the complete effects.

If left untreated, nail fungus can be a very painful ailment and can also lead to more serious complications. The possibility of permanent nail damage and spreading the bacteria to other nails is always a concern with nail fungus. However, in some cases, a more serious infection may develop if nail fungus is not treated quickly and accurately.

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